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Barrett credits work in pool for success
Submitted photo Monroe alum Matt Barrett is a senior team co-captain of the Minnesota mens cross country team. The Gophers head into the Big Ten Championships Sunday at Penn State.
MINNEAPOLIS - If you ask most cross country runners, they'll tell you that a pool is not where they want to spend their training time. Runners want to run. They need to run, log miles outside; face the elements. The pool is where runners go when they're injured, but for Golden Gopher senior cross country harrier Matt Barrett being in the pool has become the secret to his success.Barrett, a native of Monroe, started running for the Gophers in 2005, and his career has been plagued by injuries from the beginning. "It was hard the first couple of years," said Barrett, who earned NCAA All-Midwest Region honors in 2008, "I'd be rolling along, and things would be going well, and all of a sudden I'd have a little break down."