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125 Days of Monroe Times Trivia
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On October 13, 2023, The Monroe Times will celebrate its 125th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, we invite you to play trivia with us for the 125 days leading up to our anniversary. Every day, we will post a question related to the history of the Monroe Times. Your job? Comment what you think the answer is. Answers will be shared in the next day’s post. Thank you for following along with us in this journey.

What year did Monroe Times begin? 1898

Who distributed the first copy of the Monroe Evening Times on the streets of Monroe? Emery A. Odell

How much did one single issue of the Monroe Evening Times cost in 1923? Three cents

What date did the Monroe Evening Times officially  become the City of Monroe newspaper? July 1, 1899 by unanimous vote — found in Oct 13, 1973 Section AA page 1

What position was Emery Odell appointed to in November, 1910? Postmaster of Monroe

Which President nominated Odell for Postmaster? William Howard Taft

On the 75th anniversary of the Monroe Evening Times, who had subscribed to the paper for 74 of its 75 years? Fred S. Blum 

What newspaper did Fred S. Blum subscribe to for one year, instead of the Monroe Evening Times? The Journal

The Monroe Evening Times used to be located at what downtown office building? 9th Street/16th Avenue known as Reffue, Pas, Jacobson & Koster LLP also has apartments in the building

Who was publisher and owner of The Monroe Evening Times from 1976 until 1988? Larry Lund

Who purchased The Monroe Evening Times in December 1988? Bliss Communications

Did Emery Odell graduate from school? No

How many Presidents had been in office since the inception of The Monroe Evening Times at its Golden Anniversary (50th)? 9 (William McKinley, Theordore Roosevelt, Willam Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman)

How many regular carriers distributed the Times in 1948? 14

Who took over as editor in 1910 after Odell relinquished the job? Howard Chadwick was editor from 1910 to 1914

Who constructed and designed the building at 9th Street and 16th Ave. exclusively for newspaper publishing? John B. Bruecker, Milwaukee

What was the first anniversary observed without the presence of Emery Odell? 55th Anniversary October 13, 1953

Who was the benefactor of the bulk of the Emery Odell estate? St. Clare Hospital in Monroe

What month and year did the Times launch a new publication design with color photos added? February 1997

When was the word Evening dropped from the name of the newspaper? February 10, 1996

What change did the new assistant publisher, Larry Lund, make after the announcement of his promotion? Beginning on March 19, 1975 the names of the publishers, along with various department heads of the Times, would appear in the masthead. It was intended to acquaint the community with various managers and their responsibilities. 

Who received the right to purchase controlling stock in The Monroe Evening Times Co., Inc. upon Emery Odell’s death? Edmund C. Hamilton, assistant publisher and editor, and Ms. Lena Conrad, long-time associate business manager and treasurer 

In 1973 how much did a copy of The Monroe Evening Times cost? 10 cents

What was the name of the papers that Emery Odell’s father published? The Evening Times/Monroe Weekly Times

What is the The Monroe Times credo? To get the story straight, one must consider the cardinal principle of The Times. It’s a double proposition — you can’t buy a single line of space in the news column of the Times with any amount of money, and you can’t keep any news story out of the paper with twice that infinite amount.

The Times was sold for the second time on what date? September 1, 1964 to the Monroe Publishing Company- Arnold Lund

How many people provided coverage of what was going on in neighboring towns and villages in 1948? Eleven — Albany, Blanchardville, Brodhead, Browntown, Juda, Monticello, New Glarus, Orangeville, Spring Grove, South Wayne, Twin Grove.

For the first 14 years of the Monroe Evening Times’ existence, there was one main competitor. What was that publication, and what was its final publication date? Monroe Sentinel, Nov. 2, 1912.

What important historical event was Emery Odell not made aware of until the Times newsboy shouted Extra, Extra under his bedroom? The Armistice of 1919

What was the circulation of the paper on its 10th Anniversary? Over 1,000 daily

How many papers had served the area before the Times was established? 7 papers

What phrase did Emery Odell coin for the city of Monroe? Swiss Cheese Capital of the U.S.A.

What current employee at The Monroe Times has been here the longest? Laura Hughes- 41 years 

The Times was one of the first newspapers in the Midwest to use what instrument to design ads? The Apple Computer

One of the longest employed editors at the Times, how long had Judie Hyde Hintzman worked at the Times when the 100th Anniversary was celebrated? 18 years

What was the most significant story the Times ran in 1989 that garnered the Times a prestigious award? The 1980s bankruptcy of United Telephone Co. The Times received the JC Sturtevant Memorial Award in June 1983. 

The Green County Supervisors named a different newspaper to publish legal notices in. What was the name of the paper? The Independent Register in Brodhead

What year did the Green County Supervisors switch papers for official legal notices? Jan. 15, 1997

The Times went through a redesign and color photos were added in what year? 1997

Along with the redesign of 1997, the Times also added four new weekly pages, what were they? Business and Economics, Trends, Outdoors, Health and Fitness, and a Kid’s Page

What honor was bestowed on the Times in August of 1987? In August, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a formal resolution to present a citation to the Times recognizing the paper’s “campaign to generate pride and enthusiasm among the residents of Monroe and the immediate area.” The State Assembly formal resolution was requested by Rep. Dave Deininger and Sen. Charles Chvala, and signed by Rep. Thomas Lofton, Speaker of the Assembly and Rep. David Clarenbach, Speaker Pro Tempore. 

How long had Emery and Amelia Odell been married when Emery started The Monroe Evening Times? 2 months 

Who is the current editor of The Monroe Times? Adam Krebs

How many salespeople does the Times employ now? Four: Laura Hughes, Diane Albright, Tai Ruegsuegger and Lance Ray 

How many reporters make up the newsroom staff? Three: Gary Mays (news), Natalie Dillon (sports) and Adam Krebs (editor)

Who bought The Monroe Evening Times in 1988? The Janesville Gazette

When did the Gazette take ownership of the Times? Nov. 1, 1988

The Lunds made what changes to The Monroe Evening Times after taking ownership? Offset printing and moving The Times to its current facility

Who co-owned The Times in 1975? Kay Lund Shoffein and Larry Lund

What record did The Monroe Evening Times set on Oct. 13, 1908? A circulation of 1,000, twice the number of any daily paper published in Monroe

The Monroe Evening Times had a unique policy with their subscribers? No carrier collection or soliciting of paper. All subscribers paid in-advance.

In what year did Emery Odell succeed his father at the paper? 1893

What book did Emery Odell author in honor of Green County? Swiss Cheese Industry

What were the first ads placed on the front page of the first Monroe Evening Times in 1898? Chenoweth and Etter Dry Goods, Chas. L. Chambers, Trukenbrod’s

Who is featured on the 2018 cover of The Monroe Times Cheese Days preview? The New Glarus Ladder Co.

How many schools does the Monroe Times regularly cover for sports? 10: Monroe, Albany, Argyle, Brodhead, Black Hawk, Darlington, Juda, Monticello, New Glarus, Pecatonica

When The Monroe Times switched presses in 1999 what were the capabilities of the new press? If it was a black and white paper it could print up to 15,000/28 pages in an hour

In 1992, The Monroe Times was mandated to print 10% of the newspaper on recycled paper. What was the actual percentage that was achieved? 26%

What year was same-day delivery introduced to The Monroe Evening Times rural customers? 1989

What was the free circulation product that the Times launched in Oct. 1989? “Sunday” 

How many times have the Monroe Times won the WNA Newspaper of the Year? Three: 2018, 2020, 2021

Less than three months after The Monroe Evening Times started, what famous trial did the Times cover? Thurman Craigo was charged with assault with intent to commit murder of Dr. R. B. Clark. 

What day was observed at the Green County Fair on Saturday, July 29, 1950? Emery A. Odell Day for his continuous reporting and assistance to the fair. 

What happened on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017? The announcement was made that Morris Newspaper Corporation of Wisconsin had purchased The Monroe Times from Bliss Communications of Janesville.

How long did the Bliss own the The Times? 28 years

Who is the president of Morris Media? Charles H. Morris

Who was the publisher and general manager during the sale of The Times to Morris Media? Carl Hearing

Who is the publisher for Morris Media of WI? John Ingebritsen

How did Mr. Ingebritsen start his career? As a reporter at the Grant County Herald Independent in Lancaster, WI. After two years he became editor for the Herald Independent.  

The Times made what pledge to the community on its 60th Anniversary? “This then, is our pledge: to strive diligently and energetically, devoting every talent and ability we may possess collectively to the day to day obligation of serving the Monroe and Green County community in every way that a good newspaper must.”

How did The Monroe Evening Times celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Times? They began a new printing era with the installment of a new 16 page Goss Community Offset printer, capable of producing up to 18,000 papers per hour with a number of colors in each edition.

What restaurant replaced The Monroe Times in the Fitzgibbons Block after the move to the new building? Marco’s Supper Club

On what day of the week did The Monroe Times release its first publication? Friday

Who pushed the button to start the new press installed on the 70th anniversary of The Monroe Evening Times? Lena Conrad, publisher of The Monroe Times. 

What did The Monroe Evening Times change in the newspaper for its 59th Anniversary? They changed the type face to Corona, 8 point type on is known as a 8.5 point base. It was done to make reading the paper more enjoyable.

On the 72nd anniversary of the paper The Monroe Times felt a need to look forward instead of backward, why? As the growth of Monroe and neighboring communities grew, it was the challenge and opportunity for the paper to see that this growth was carried out in an orderly fashion and to ensure that the community’s progress is thoroughly understood and supported by the “man on the street.”

What year did The Monroe Evening Times become a member of the Associated Press? November 1, 1926

When did long time associate publisher and then co-owner Edmund Hamilton start at The Monroe Evening Times? September 22, 1947

Emery Odell and Edmund Hamilton had two similar accomplishments, what were they? They both wrote and published books about Green County, and they were great community supporters of Green County and participated in many community activities. 

What was the title of the booklet that Hamilton wrote? “Bricks, Brackets, and Carpenter’s Lace: 19th Century Architecture in Monroe.”

What award did the booklet win? State Historical Society Local History Merit Award. 

What other jobs has Monroe Times reporter Gary Mays had? Reporter for the Chicago Tribune and the Wisconsin State Journal, manager of media relations for companies, editor- The Journal Standard in Freeport, IL, reporter and metro editor- Daily Journal, Kankakee, IL.

In what year did The Monroe Times start running advertisements above the masthead? 1982

What other paper did Fred Odell, Emery’s brother, buy interest in? The Brodhead Independent

What was Mrs. Fred Odell’s job with The Monroe Evening Times? Typesetting machine operator.

Fred Odell conducted an agency for what motorcycle brand? Indian

Fred Odell had two jobs much like his brother Emery, who served as Postmaster for Monroe. What was Fred’s second job? He served as undersheriff.

What year did Adam Krebs become editor? 2020

Lena Conrad, co-owner and publisher in 1953, had many jobs at The Times, what two jobs did she NOT do at The Times? Setting type and running the press

What Monroe Times editor set a scholarship in their name after they passed for Monroe School District? Judith Hyde-Hintzman

What year did the paper experience a major change in the masthead? In 1975, Monroe got stacked on top of Evening Times

What state did Sports Editor Natalie Dillon work in before joining the Times staff? Minnesota 

Where is the farthest place someone has The Monroe Times delivered? Napa Valley, CA

A recent article in The Times featured a story on a 103-year-old, who has had a subscription to The Times for 80 years. What was the name of this person? Gertrude Voegeli

The Morris Newspaper Corporation of Wisconsin publishes how many papers in Wisconsin? 11

What are the names of the towns/cities that Morris Newspaper Corporation of Wisconsin publish in? Monroe, Platteville, Darlington, Cuba City, Lancaster, Fennimore, Muscoda, Boscobel, Gay Mills, Richland Center, and Hillboro. 

When did The Monroe Times start using social media? April 7, 2011

What post on the Monroe Times Instagram has the most likes? How many? Oct. 29, 2022: Monticello’s final point in the sectional final, sending them to state. The post has 1,923 likes.

When was the first post on the Monroe Times Instagram? July 16, 2014

How many social media sites does The Monroe Times use? Four: Facebook, Instagram, Threads and X (Twitter)

What tragedy happened before the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Monroe Evening Times? Mrs. Emery Odell passed away on the eve of the anniversary

The Monroe Times has been the lone paper for the community since what year? 1927

How many papers were there in Monroe prior to 1898? 7 papers

What were the names of the Monroe Times’ competing papers? The Times, daily and weekly, the Sentinel, Gazette, Sun, Journal and Harold, German language papers.

Who was the biggest rivalry for The Monroe Evening Times? The Daily Journal

How long did the rivalry last? 30 years

When did the Monroe Times join Threads? Aug. 7, 2023

The Monroe Times held a contest in December 2022, where readers had to find what holiday-related subject in the paper? An elf

Who is Sheryl Metcalf and why was she celebrated at The Times? Sheryl was picked as Carrier of the Year. She received a limo ride, lunch at Idle Hour, and a plaque.

What year was Sheryl named Carrier of the Year? 1989

What is the purpose of a newspaper? The accumulated story of the years contained in the newspaper files is the permanent record and presents at least interesting retrospect in the march of time. 

Emery Odell knew the key to success with the paper was to constantly keep updating the equipment. What extra features were Mr. Odell able to give his readers with the wire service? Feature stories, illustrations, and comics. 

What is the one thing that never has been done in the history of The Monroe Times? The Monroe Times has never been printed on a hand press.

The Stories Behind the Stars series honors more than 421,000 Americans that lost their lives in World War II. Who writes these historical accounts for the Monroe Times? Krista Finstad Hanson

The Monroe Evening Times celebrated the 52nd anniversary with what reminder? The goal of all the yesterdays remains the goal for today and tomorrow. 

How many editions had The Monroe Evening Times published by its 52nd anniversary? 18,400-plus editions

1950 was a busy year for The Monroe Evening Times, but what was the high point? A 36-page Cheese Days Souvenir Progress Edition. It was the largest in The Times history and was disturbed throughout the country.

The 55th anniversary was the first year without its leader Emery Odell. What was the renewed pledge of the new owners of The Times? The ideals of the founder will be followed without compromise in the future and the resolve that whatever is good for Monroe and Green County will find the fullest possible support from The Monroe Evening Times.

Who are the personnel that make sure our papers are delivered on time? Our circulation department is run by manager Tina Curran, Peggy Gobeli, Randall Patterson, and Eric Wepking. 

In January, the Monroe Times runs a series of articles focused on self-improvement. What is that series called? The Best You Yet

Who typically greets you when you enter the door at the Monroe Times? Business Manager Kathy Pierce

Who sets up the paper for the editorial department, making sure ads are in place and pages are labeled correctly? Prepress Director Jaimie Tran and Donna Wyss

Who is the Monroe Times SOAR Intern? Marina Schubert

Where can you look up historical Monroe Times papers on microfilm? The Monroe Public Library

This year, editor Adam Krebs changed the masthead font in honor of the Monroe Times 125th anniversary. What font did he choose? Goudy