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Laf. Co. completes budget process
Community Brief

DARLINGTON — The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, Dec. 20 to take care of county business.

●  Election of Lafayette County Highway Commissioner. Dan Rielly, the current Highway Commissioner, spoke on his past performance running the department. A unanimous ballot was cast and approved electing Rielly as Highway Commissioner.

●  Heard a first reading of the Resolution 27022 repealing Chapter 6-4 Animal Waste Storage and Nutrient Management Ordinance and recreation as Chapter 13 Manure Storage and Management Ordinance. This ordinance had a previous first reading, but items were changed since that time.

●  Approved Resolution 46-22 — an update to Lafayette County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan. Theresa Burgess, Lafayette County Emergency Management Director gave a presentation stating that working with Southwest Regional Planning was fantastic. They met with each municipality in the county and found out what the needs were. The importance of having a Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan is that it is required by FEMA to received funding in case of a disaster in the county.

●  Approved Resolution 47-22 authorizing Clare Bank as the official county depository for the calendar year 2023.

●  Approved Resolution 48-22 amending Resolution 39-22 establishing updated compensation for employees of Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County (MHLC) for the 2023 budget which include: MHLC Finance Manager — approve an increase of $8.21/hour for a wage of $34.53/hour; MHLC Facility Aid — approve a wage range of $7.61 — $15.00/hour; MHLC Case Management Director — approve an increase of $2.25/hour for a wage of $40.23/hour; MHLC CEO — approve an increase of $7.22/hour for a wage of $89.65/hour; MHLC COO — approve an increase of $8.74/hour for a wage of $59.42/hour; MHLC CCO — approve an increase of $5.05/hour for a wage of $50.38/hour; Approve an increase in MHLC Clinical Licensure pay for an hourly rate increase of $1.50/hour; Approve an increase in MHLC on call pay-non Sunday of $1.55/hour; Approve an increase in on call pay — Sunday of $1.25/hour.