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Your current administration
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Four years ago, as a write in candidate, you elected me as your mayor. At that time we made eight commitments to you. We have met or exceeded every one of them.

These last four years we have always stepped up and completed any task before us, made tough decisions, and resolved a number of issues affecting our city. We have said "no" when needed to special interest groups. We always remained focused on what was in the best interest of the citizens of Monroe. Our ultimate goal is to serve you. We will not settle for less.

We have made great strides these last four years. Here is just one of many examples: Our Square downtown was not supposed to be completed until the year 2023.

Other accomplishments:

Fiscal responsibly

• Renegotiated four debts - saved the City of Monroe $231,113*

• Shored up an under funded health plan, which was under funded for years*

• Put a cap on a future terminal liability, regarding the city's sick leave*

• Turned around a debt ridden tax incentive district, that cost the city between 1996 and 2005 over $1,345,703*

• We installed a new accounting system, for better control over our operating budgets. We have successfully, each year, created the city's operating budget.

• We have held in check your property taxes. This year we decrease them.

• Renegotiated an actuarial accrued liability on the city's retirement program, which saved the city $1,355,607.*

* All these issues could have and should have been resolved by the prior administration.

Marketing and economy growth:

• To help the city grow we initiated a seven level marketing program.

• We have sold seven parcels of land and there were six new building constructed in the Tax Incentive District No. 4.

• In the last three years there has been commercial construction either in process or completed on new and remodeling, including some equipment, which amounts to over $129,300,000.


• Leadership is earned. It is not what one says, but what one does is critical. We lead by example.

• We encourage creative thinking, sharing of ideas, suggestion and input from all employees.

• We do not micromanage. Each department runs its only department within the scope and guidelines set by council.

The mayor's office is an initiator, a facilitator and a leader when changes take place at City Hall.

Things just don't happen. Things happen when leaders work together to create opportunities.

We don't look just to the horizon but beyond. This administration is where progress really begins.