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WMC is the radical group, not Green Party
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The Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce is the Radical Organization Not the Green PartyIt is ironic and sad that the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce (WMC attempt to slander Supreme Court Candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg for her support of Ben Manski's campaign for State Assembly, claiming her support of a Green Party former Co-chair is somehow a reflection of her radical underpinnings, thus making her unacceptable to serve on the WI Supreme Court. It is the current incarnation of the WMC and the Republican Party that is radical. They have adopted the radical posture that destroying collective bargaining, gutting school funding, ending recycling, eliminating alternative transportation to the automobile, and gutting the safety net that Wisconsin used to pride itself upon in a bipartisan fashion, is now good politics and public policy.It is sad that the "non-profit" WMC can pay their Executive Director over $300,000 a year while pushing to cut pension benefits and increase health care costs for moderate and middle income workers.