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Wine Walk bereft of puns
Jordan Nordby
Jordan Nordby

While I love a pun as much as the next guy — more actually, if I am being honest — there is something about wine puns that I do not appreciate. It is possibly because of how ubiquitous they are. A quick search online reveals wine puns for captions, love, valentine’s day, etc…It is endless. But perhaps the thing that makes me not appreciate them like so many other puns is that I am still in search of a great one for our wine walks.

However, I also love a good quote. One of my favorites is from Robin at House to Home Designs. When asked about the wine walk, she succinctly says, “I’ve never seen anyone having a bad time.” We hosted our first wine walk in 2016, which seems like a lifetime ago. Excluding one very notable year, we have usually hosted two a year. And in all that time, she has not been wrong.

In less than two weeks, we will be having a wine walk. It is Friday, April 26th. If you have not done the event before, the name says it all. You walk to any of the participating locations, in any order and at your own pace. Each business will have two alcoholic options to sample. We call it a wine walk, and you will find plenty of wines. We switch up the options every time but this time there will be Gewurztraminer from California, Chenin Blanc from Western Cape in South Africa, Organic Tempranlillo Crianza from Valencia Spain, and local favorites Hawk’s Mill and Minhas, which is sponsoring the event. But you will also be able to sample local beers from Bullquarian and ciders from around the state. It’s one of the more fun things I get to do for work: sampling wines like you will the night of the wine walk. Specifically, with the caveat that if you do not especially like it, there is something else to taste next. We have 18 participating locations. The event runs from 4-9pm with a VIP ticket or 5-9pm with general admission. Either ticket option gets you into every participating business. The event is organized so that you will not be rushed to get your 18 samples.

Part of the reason that I love this event is that each and every business has food pairings. We make an effort to match the samples to food. Cactus Co Booze N’ Bites will be doing double duty. They will be making mini charcuterie boards for Max’s Threads and wraps for Toy Haus. Luecke’s Diamond Center will have a cheese and sausage tray from Baumgartners. House to Home Designs will be serving chipotle barbeque meatballs and cheesecake. It is heavy appetizers that add up to dinner being included with your ticket. And it is local supporting local and if you need the excuse, attending the wine walk also allows you to experience more businesses than you normally would.

Additionally, new businesses will be participating: Made to Inspire, which opened last fall; Payne Coffee Haus & Odditeas, which will be previewing its menu with grilled cheese bites before opening; Spilled Grapes Wine Bar, which is using the wine walk as a soft opening; and Green County Historical Society Museum which is in the process of revamping.

There is much to take in during the wine walk. I cannot promise there will not be any puns, but they will not be from us; at least not good ones. Just a good time.

—  Jordan Nordby is the executive director for Main Street Monroe. He can be reached at Complete details on Main Street Monroe and its efforts can be found at