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Who will actually solve our problem?
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To the editor:

I just got done watching both the Republican and Democratic conventions and I've decided that President Obama made a better case in solving our debt crisis than what Mitt Romney is proposing. Obama sounds like a Socialist somewhat like President Roosevelt, who won World War II and our country didn't go broke doing so. The reason the country didn't go broke doing it is because he taxed the capitalists at an income tax rate of 90 percent.

This is opposite of what Romney wants to do, who made his money in private equity. He's actually an investment banker who doesn't really know how to run Bain Capital for the good of the 99 percent. I would describe him more as a corporate raider who put a big emphasis on our growing debt by displaying a debt meter at his Republican Convention, but no solutions in actually reducing the debt other than giving billionaires an even bigger reduction in income taxes. A territorial tax was mentioned at the Democratic Convention which reduces the burden for the richest 1 percent event more.

Totally opposite of what President Franklin Roosevelt did, which was to raise the top income tax rate to 90 percent, which President Truman and Eisenhower both kept. It was mentioned at the Democratic Convention that the last time we had this big a debt was during Roosevelt's administration.

So, I came to the conclusion, along with a lot of people from a poll ABC News ran, almost 2-1, they preferred Obama's speech to Romney's. Are you going to support President Obama, who's not going to get any campaign money from the hedge fund dealers like he did in the first term because they're giving it all to Mitt Romney?

After all, Romney's the man who's going to lower their income tax and get rid of some of those, what they call troublesome regulations, stopping those investment bankers from making even bigger profits than they are presently making. Republican Rep. Ron Paul had it right when he said the Republicans denied him the chance to talk and one of his delegates from Minnesota told a PBS reporter that the bankers are running the convention.

I hope these are the issues that are brought up at the three presidential debates - Which candidate will actually solve our problem of having a strong economy and reducing our debt?