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The legacy of Red Ryder lives on
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Thanks to that chance meeting with Elmer Schettler, I fulfilled a lifelong ambition of visiting the Fred Harman Art Museum in Pagosa Springs, Colo. And I had the pleasure of meeting Harman's son, Fred Harman III.The late Fred Harman was the rancher/artist who created Red Ryder, his sidekick, Little Beaver, and his crusty aunt, the Duchess.The treasures housed in the Museum include a collection of hard cover Red Ryder books. I was reminded of my own collection, including one I read at about the age of 10, "Red Ryder and the Adventure at Chimney Rock." Later in life I learned there is a real Chimney Rock located near Harman's original Red Ryder Ranch.That story is based on a wealthy redheaded female writer from New York, intelligent and beautiful, of course.