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Tea party and participants not as media portrayed
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I attended the Tea Party April 15 at the Capitol building in Madison. It was the first time in my life that I had attended a public protest or demonstration. The prevailing sentiment was one of frustration and disenchantment. The government has interjected itself more and more into our personal lives. The government attitude is "We know best." We know better how to spend your money, take care of you, and lead you by the nose every step of your life. Of course, to do this you will have to contribute more of your income (taxes) to us.

The majority of the national mainstream media characterized these rallies as groups of right-wing extremists. They were very dismissive and looked upon the demonstrators as spoiled, bratty children. The national media looked upon these attendees as uneducated, socially inept and totally incapable of independent thought. "Thank God" that the national media are all educated and see the shallowness of the demonstrators' arguments. These so-called journalists or reporters have become moralists and will save us from ourselves and silly ideas.

Having attended the rally, I can personally say that all attendees were very well-behaved and respectful. To my knowledge there was no damage to personal property or any arrests from the rally. It is my hunch that if there would have been any, the press would have let us know in big, bold headlines. So whether you agree or disagree with the protesters, they made their point in a positive, peaceful way. This country is the greatest in the world because of the freedom and power of the individual, not an ever-growing government bureaucracy.