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Take time to research BH referendum
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There was an old Joni Mitchell song from the '70's that went "You don't know what you got till it's gone." These lyrics would be one way to describe the dilemma that many of us are facing with the revenue limits referenda up for a vote in our local school districts. As a 2009 Black Hawk High School graduate, I can attest to the importance that voting "yes" for the 2007 referendum had on our community.

The 2007 referendum almost tore the Black Hawk community apart - pitting students and the school district against taxpayers and property owners. As a student athlete, who participated in forensics, I know that my high school experience without extra curricular activities would have been a lot less rewarding and successful. Experience shows that a referendum can bring a community together. Since the referendum, Black Hawk students have won conference championships in football, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, and sent teams and individuals to state tournaments in wrestling, basketball and track. For me, it wasn't just about the success that I or my fellow students had in athletics; it was about the opportunity to be part of a team and call ourselves Black Hawk Warriors. The other thing that impressed me about the Black Hawk community was the way district residents rallied around the school and its students and showed their support even after the referendum. If the 2007 referendum vote would've been "no," Black Hawk would not be the same school it is today. Students would have lost out on that experience, and the communities of Gratiot and South Wayne would have lost out as well.

I am thankful to the voters and taxpayers in the Black Hawk school district for passing the 2007 referendum and the sacrifices that they've made. I'm not going to tell you how to vote, but I will advise everyone in the Black Hawk School District to take time to get informed about the issues in this referendum and realize the benefit of being part of a community with a successful school.