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Our View: An impressive investment in MHS graduates
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Paying for a college education has become more difficult for families in recent years, as costs grow significantly faster than incomes. The economic recession certainly hasn't helped matters.

Any extra money that goes toward an education helps. Hopefully, Monroe High School students are appreciative of the plentiful gifts they receive in that regard.

On Wednesday night, 99 seniors who will be graduating from MHS received at least one financial scholarship to attend college. In all, there are 97 different scholarships awarded to MHS students. They total $208,330, or an average of just more than $2,100 per student.

That's an amazing amount of help for MHS students. It's a testament to the pride the Monroe community has in its high school seniors, and its willingness to make a financial investment in the students', and the community's, futures.

Even in these difficult financial times, the amount of scholarship money awarded to MHS seniors is higher this year than last year. Granted, the difference only is $230. But the fact that the pot grew, rather than shrank, in the past year is another reflection of the community's commitment. There were four new scholarships offered this year.

Each of these scholarships provide not just financial assistance to an MHS student, but also the encouragement and accountability that just may help a college freshman get through that first difficult year. Or, it may provide the added incentive to persevere through an entire college career.

Today's edition of the Times includes a special section featuring each of the scholarships, and each of the 99 students receiving them. If you see one of the students, congratulate them and wish them well. And if you see one of the individuals, families, businesses or organizations that contributed to the scholarships pool, thank them. Their investments make our community stronger.