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Make effort to preserve city's balloon tradition
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Having been a strong influence with the 1985 inception of the Monroe Balloon Rally, and again when we put Monroe on the world's map in 1998 by making our Balloon Rally part of a "World Competition," I feel compelled to speak out to the people of Monroe, the City of Monroe and the current and past organizers of the Monroe Balloon Rally.I believe Monroe has been recognized by our neighbors, friends, relatives, visitors and the competitors, all who have come repeatedly for over 20 years, as a unique place and event that makes our community stand out. In attending ballooning events around this country and around the world, I have been recognized as someone from Monroe, Wis., where all the ballooning community has shared their experiences and memories as one of the most beautiful and delightful places to fly their balloons. They don't hesitate to mention how wonderful the people are who live there, either.