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Libraries are important
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In hard times, libraries are more important to our communities than ever. Although our local library is small, it provides important services. In any given week you might see:Parents coming in with their pre-school children for story books and kid friendly videos.A technical college student who is working on certification for a new job requesting books for a research paper.High school students going on line to get information for a class assignment.A regular patron who comes in to check out three to four Large Type Edition books a week.One of the middle school teachers requesting several copies of a book she wants to use in class.A small business owner using the library computer to save the expense of maintaining one at his shop.And this is just a small sampling.As a library patron (and, part-time employee), I am very concerned that upcoming budget cuts will have a serious impact on the services our local libraries will be able to offer, especially smaller libraries that depend on the interlibrary loan system.