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Wellington: Jane stands out
Letter To The Editor

Chuck Wellington


To the Editor,

I’ve been a member of the legal community in Green County for more than 40 years. Lawyers here are strong and well-trained advocates for their clients. We also strive to be collegial professionals, who act with the highest regard for fairness. That was why I was saddened to read District Attorney Nolen’s guest column on Wednesday in which he disparaged three of the four attorneys who have put themselves forward as candidates for judge. If DA Nolen had simply endorsed his favored candidate, with whom he used to practice, that would have been expected. But he chose to denigrate three of our local attorneys who want to serve our community and who have taken the brave step of putting their name on the ballot. It is a pity that a local judicial race would be marred by personal attacks. Voters in Green County have four good choices for Judge. For me, Jane Bucher stands out. Jane has the three qualities I look for in a judge: intelligence, independence, and integrity. Her knowledge of the law is extensive, and her courtroom experience is deep. Jane has handled over 2,300 cases and six jury trials, a large number since most cases are settled out of court or through plea bargains. She has shown through her community involvement and her work to create the Green County Drug Treatment Court that she works well with others to get things done. Judges are non-partisan officials. Jane has demonstrated that she is committed to the rule of law and to equal justice under the law.  I have seen how Jane handles her work and the respectful way she relates to other attorneys and her clients. In this campaign, she has earned the support of a long list of public endorsers including people of all political leanings. Jane Bucher will apply the law to the facts in an unbiased and impartial way, act with integrity and do her part to make our County stronger and safer. I urge my fellow Green County residents to join me in voting for her on February 16.