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Wartenweiler: Candidate clear choice
Letter To The Editor

From Bill Wartenweiler


To the Editor:

We are fortunate in our area to have had great candidates for Circuit Court Judge.

As the field is now down to two the clear choice is Faun Phillipson.

Although one may have a lot of experience in our local court, I would like to point out that a bailiff and a court reporter have daily experiences in court and are therefore quite knowledgeable of court proceedings and protocol. That alone does not qualify them to be a good judge.

A wider variety of life and professional experiences is a much better criteria for a quality judge. In her 20 years of practice, Faun Phillipson has been involved in corporate and individual cases, civil and criminal cases both in-state and out-of-state courts.

Because of Faun’s work experience and educational background, I am sure she is quite often the “smartest person in the room”. That is another great quality for a good judge. 

Lawyers do an excellent job of presenting their side of an issue. As a judge with her experience, intellect and ability, Faun can look beyond a good presentation and make a fair and honest ruling based on precedent and the merits of the case.

On April 6, join me in voting for Faun Phillipson for Green County Circuit Judge. We will all be served well for years to come.

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