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Shame the protesters
Letter To The Editor

From Gene Rufer


To the Editor:

I think it is terrible and illegal to see what is happening on American colleges right now. It’s not the rioters’ fault however. I think it is the fault of the main stream media, who don’t report the truth, the parents, who continue to send their children to these gaslighting colleges, the left-leaning politicians, who want to change America into socialized nation. And the professors who are teaching students to hate America. This is quite evident when the rioters are chanting “death to America and Israel.” There is no better place than America! Israel is our best, most loyal ally. If professors and students don’t like it here, they should go try living in Iran, Palestine, or China. They would want to get back into the USA within a year.  

This is the result of the teachings of the left leaning professors and teachers. This is what happened in Germany when Hitler was there. Pound left ideology into students and you can eventually take the country over without a shot or war. I don’t understand why anyone would want to live in a communist environment in this country. People come here to get out of communist countries, and we want America to become communist??? I kind of like my freedom of speech, right to bear arms, travel where I wish, live where I want, have a family the size that I want. 

People on the left think Jan. 6 was a riot, well those people were motioned into the capitol by police officers. These kids should have all been arrested and their names released to prospective employers. Employers should know what kind of people they are hiring. There should be no negotiating with them, there should be law and order. College campuses are private property and arrests should have been made. I saw an interview of one student being asked why she was here, her answer was “I think it has something to do with Israel, other than that I’m not sure.” What a shame to be “sheep.” They aren’t learning anything and they want us, taxpayers, that paid back our own tuition, to pay theirs.

I can’t imagine what veterans must be thinking. They fought for America, risking their lives, and for these kids that don’t know anything, can protest and take over their colleges. After all it was Hamas that attacked and killed Israelites.