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Searles: Recovery bill will stimulate economy
Letter To The Editor

From Dave Searles


To the Editor:

Congressional Republicans are griping about the Covid-19 economic recovery bill, claiming that it is a budget buster that grows the deficit, doesn’t have much to do with Covid-19 health care and it is a liberal and progressive wish list that most people do not want and that would never pass on their own. 

First of all, these Republicans need to take a course in Economics 101. Republicans passed the Trump Tax Cut, which they claimed would not add to the federal budget deficit but turns out to do so big time. It was a giveaway to the rich, big business and corporations and didn’t really give tax breaks that were deserved and needed for the middle class and working poor. It was more Republican trickle-down economics that never works. This bill is an economic stimulus bill to the deal with the results of pandemic on the economy, the middle class and the working poor. It is not a Covid-19 health care bill. As a stimulus bill it will put money in the hands of the middle class and working poor who will spend it. It will generate a boost in the economy and bring in more taxable income for the federal government. 

Democrats needed to pass legislation that actually helps and supports the middle class and working poor rather than Congress passing more Republican legislation that benefits the rich, big business and corporations. Political experts have said that if the Democrats didn’t do something like this they would lose Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024. One poll indicated that 60% of Republicans voters supported the bill. This bill is not perfect because of compromises and trying to give into Republicans for their support, which in the end, they voted against anyway. 

This bill will stimulate the economy, which is the best way of getting out of a recession. 

Finally, if Congressional Republicans were really serious concerning the federal deficit, they would favor making big cuts in the bloated Defense budget, cutting corporate welfare, especially for the fossil fuel industry, and taxing the rich, big business and corporations to pay for their privilege of living and doing business in America (U.S. and Canada). If they do not like it, they can leave, but they can’t take their money, business and manufacturing with them. We also must end them offshoring their money to avoid paying taxes on it.