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Ruchti: ‘Yes’ to school improvements
Letter To The Editor

From Deborah Ruchti


To the Editor: 

Northside Elementary School was my second home for 37 years. After retiring as a school secretary almost two years ago, I still feel a strong connection. As a result of the referendum in 2000, many necessary improvements were made throughout the district. The changes made at Northside were very much needed. These changes included a new wing of classrooms, a beautiful new gymnasium, the office relocated to the front entrance, installation of air-conditioning and some remodeling was done throughout the building. Now, 20 years later, there are many areas of Northside that require much needed improvements, updates and changes that are essential to having the school run efficiently.  Similar to our homes, if improvements and updates aren’t made, all of the systems will not run smoothly, will break down and result in further issues. Strong schools are the foundation of our community. The students and staff are the heart and soul of this foundation and they need to be housed in a safe and efficient building to make learning the best it can be!