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Mayer: School board faces hard decisions, vote for Baker
Letter To The Editor

From Steve Mayer


To the Editor:

April 2 we all will have the opportunity to make choices at the ballot box for our futures. The presidential candidates, like it or not have pretty much been decided. The local offices have not. There are many big decisions coming locally on county and school boards. Major building projects are being considered and undertaken at both levels. I urge you all to choose individuals that will represent their constituents in a fiscally responsible manner.

There are three open positions on the Monroe School Board. Three incumbents and one new person, Nick Baker. At least two incumbents will be re-elected since the top three vote getters will be awarded the positions. If you are happy with the board’s actions over the past three years you should probably vote the three incumbents back in. If not, please consider voting for Nick Baker. These are difficult jobs and applaud all four for taking it on. Remember, the top three vote getters are elected. You can vote for one, two but not more than three.

In light of the reduction of state aid for our schools it is very important the board makes frugal decisions moving forward. The district’s salaries are public record and can easily be found on the internet. Found it interesting that MSD teachers and support staff are paid about the state average or less. Administration is all paid way over the state average. I feel this is crazy! Administration manages people and operations, teachers change lives and mold our future. The board will need to address the declining enrollment, which they have not. Student enrollment has declined by one third since 2000 according to DPI records. They continue to operate the same amount of schools with 1/3 less kids. If they continue to kick the can down the road, they will continue to reduce resources at our schools to balance budget or ask the already overburdened taxpayers for more funds.

I was thinking the other day that back in the 50s and 60s when the district decided to close all the rural schools and build a new high school, wondering if the community saw all this much dissension. I’m sure it did, adding a daily 1.5-3 hour bus ride for each country kids school day. I personally was bounced to five different schools from fourth to seventh grade. Hard decisions were made and I survived. Vote for Nick!