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Letter to the Editor: Trump’s efforts are resisted to prevent further damage
Letter To The Editor

From Robin Rouby


To the editor:

In reply to last week’s letter titled “Trump has dealt with constant resistance”... Yes, he has.

The resistance has attempted to keep him from destroying our country and from starting additional wars.  

Trump has forced record-shattering numbers of our country’s family farms into bankruptcy with so-called “easy to win” trade wars. Though we can’t blame businesses for going bankrupt, we can blame Trump’s failed trade policies for forcing it. 

The letter claimed Trump has kept his promises. Did he protect coal miners’ jobs or keep American jobs in our country as promised? No. The massive tax cuts he bragged about giving to corporations like Carrier and AT&T only resulted in massive layoffs, and closed mines and manufacturing plants. Did he fix our healthcare system? No, it’s only gotten much worse. Did he reduce the deficit? No. It’s skyrocketed. Did he get rid of tax loopholes? No. He increased them. 

The letter suggested the climate crisis could be solved if every environmentalist drove an electric car. It didn’t mention Trump pulled out of out of the Paris Climate Accord, and reduced vital regulations to designed to address the crisis. 

Then the letter went on to spew the same tired claims about Hillary Clinton. Obviously, the writers have forgotten that the GOP’s own investigations into Benghazi actually cleared her of any wrong-doing. The letter closed by suggesting in order to make our country great again, we must vote for Trump and a full Republican House and Senate. Nothing could further from the truth if that were honestly the goal. 

One thing is certain, had anyone but Trump been elected, they wouldn’t have risked starting a war to distract from being impeached by a mountain of evidence. This evidence proves he and others attempted to use our tax dollars to bribe another country into interfering in our elections. And, if that had never happened, the GOP-led Senate wouldn’t be attempting to cover up that fact now.