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Letter to the Editor: Local orders don’t hold up to constitution
Letter To The Editor

From Geoffrey Bouc, MD


To the editor:

Over reach part two. I see that our local Sheriffs (Rock and Green) are citing section 252 of the State Statutes as the legal justification for the further local “Shelter in place” orders. A careful reading of this states that local health departments can ban public gatherings, not regulate private business. Section 252 is the very same statute used as the legal basis for “shelter in place” by Governor Evers. This was ruled illegal by the State Supreme Court on this basis. How can a subsection of the same Statute be used to justify continued restrictions on private business? It can’t. These local orders are just as illegal as the original State orders were. The County Sheriff is deemed the Constitutional Authority for his jurisdiction. They are supposed to uphold the Constitution and the renderings of the courts. Remember that next election cycle.

As an additional note, I am a board certified physician who has been exposed to this virus from the start. I sympathize with folks and families who have become very ill or had loved ones pass from this virus, but all we are doing with these restrictions is prolonging the agony and ruining people financially. Unless we are ready to live under these restrictions for the next 12-18 months, then we should end them now. Coronavirus vaccines in humans have remained elusive. A safe and properly tested one is at least a year away. Natural herd immunity is our next best option and you can’t get that by distancing the herd.