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Letter to the Editor: Let’s rid ourselves of Trump
Letter To The Editor

From Diana Vance


To the editor:

America is involved in a historical moment — the impeachment of President Donald Trump.  I am not going to go over what you can see on television. It is very important, but I want to tell the story of Donald Trump.

The Republicans claim that Democrats are dividing our country. The only person who divides our country is Donald Trump. The people in his base do not care if he lies because he has convinced them that the world is a scary place and only he can protect them.  That is why they stick with him. It is fear. He has a great television personality and he makes his rallies fun with chanting and lies. Lies are what he’s good at. Some people are desperate for excitement and want to see his show. But that is what it is. None of what he tells them is real. Yet they continue to believe.

If for no other reason, that is why we must rid ourselves and this country from the grip of Donald Trump. The only thing that is scary is Donald Trump. 

Trump also makes promises he does not keep. Where is the health care bill he promised?  Where is a program for infrastructure? Where are schools that can retrain workers so they can have good jobs?

In 10 years if we do nothing about climate change the difficult weather we see now will only get worse.  Do you want longer winters and wet springs and falls? Do you want warmer oceans that will kill the fish? Do you want to go hungry because food will be scarce? President Donald Trump pulled us out of fixing climate change because he was against it because he could not understand it. He has told over 13,000 lies. How can he be trusted to tell us the truth? He can’t.

Fools believe him. You are not fools.

Some still like Trump. Somehow Donald Trump who went bankrupt six times gives the impression that he is a smart person. We never had a president who was so ignorant, so stupid. Anything he does not understand he is against.

People in his rallies won’t change because they are now in a cult. They might follow him to their death like Jim Jones’ followers did. They committed suicide when Jones told them to do it. Look him up on your phones.