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Letter to the Editor: Kriss Marion’s values, skills are needed
Letter To The Editor

From Cathy Goray


To the editor:

Kriss Marion’s candidacy for the Wisconsin State Assembly fills me with hope. I want to tell you about some of the personal qualities that make Kriss the best candidate for the 51st Assembly seat. I have watched Kriss in crowds and with groups of people. I have talked with her about my ideas and concerns. Kriss has a joy of life, a boundless energy, and a love of people. Kriss loves talking with and listening to other’s ideas and concerns. She listens to everybody.

Kriss stands for rural values. She is an organic farmer and a Lafayette County Supervisor. She supports strong education, local control, clean air and water, small farms, rural broadband and an intelligent and responsible response to the COVID-19 crisis. While representing these values, she works hard to bring people together and minimize dissension and separation.

We need someone with Kriss’s values and skills to represent us in the State Assembly. We need someone who is able to hold our values and concerns strongly, while working with others, to make Wisconsin great again. In these crazy times we need a candidate who is positive, vital, and energetic. We need Kriss Marion.