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Letter to the Editor: Dems don’t support us
Letter To The Editor

From Larry Disch

New Glarus

To the editor:

What is the Democratic Party or is it now known as the Democratic communist Socialist Party? Also, the most racist party that back Black Life Matters (BLM) and the Antifa Party. They don’t care about black live, just their vote. BLM and the Antifa are a domestic terrorist group and are not protesters as portrayed. Just look at Madison’s shooting, rioters, car jackings and looting of stores. All these riot cities are run by Democrats and you don’t hear any of these Democratic candidates denouncing these groups. I never hear them talk about the destruction taking place on local stations. They report the demonstrations as peaceful. I was a Democrat for a long time. A few years ago, I started to see the Democratic Party views had changed so much that I felt that they had left me.

I also looked at out police, the men and women in blue. When trouble starts, our men and women in blue run to the problem, while the average citizen runs away. It’s time to stand up for our police and stop defunding them. They put their lives on the line every day to protect us. When you call them for help, I’ve never heard them ask “are you a Republican or a Democrat”. They have a job they love to do by protecting us all. They also have families to go home to. It’s time to start showing our appreciation and support for them by turning on our blue lights. Put a blue light on your porch or window and give them the support they need. If they start cutting back on our safety, God help us all!

If you want this to be a Socialist country vote Democrat, or do the right thing and vote Republic.