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Letter to the Editor: Where to draw the line in mascot changes?
Letter To The Editor

From Dennis Potter


To the editor:

Growing up on a farm, I helped my dad and his dad make a lot of fence. Did you know that ownership and maintenance of a fence on a property line, depended on which side of the posts the wire is on? Then there is this old saying, “Never tear out a fence until you know what it’s there for.”

Seems that everyone today is offended by something. Bound to tear something down before they know what it was there for. In last week’s edition of this paper, in the sports, was a piece written by the sports editor Adam Krebs, “From ‘left’ field,” (rightly titled in my opinion). In it, he has decided what professional teams need to change their names and how long they have in doing so. One of which was the Chicago Blackhawks. Both name and logo need to be changed soon, he said. So then what about the local schools like my wife and I and our sons, Adam’s parents and this editor, I might add, proudly graduated from, Black Hawk, and our mascot, The Warriors? Where does this stop? What about the Green Bay Packers? Did you know when Curly Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun founded the team, they needed a sponsor and the Indian Packing Company was it! Oops, two strikes against them. Indian in the name and a slaughter house to boot! Offensive to any vegetarian, right?

All of this is just small beans when it comes to the big picture of destruction of our American history! Defunding the police, burning buildings and pulling down historical statues. We have to stop this insanity of tearing this Country down and teach truth of why this Country was built in the first place.