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Letter to the Editor: Wear a mask this Christmas
Letter To The Editor

From Diana Vance


To the editor:

On the outskirts of the town of Bethlehem God’s greatest gift to us was born. We call him the Christ Child and he came in peace, truth and love. No king was told of his birth but shepherds in hiss nearby were told by angels sent from God. The angels sang gloriously and the shepherds were filled with great joy. The oldest and wisest said, “I believe something wonderful happened in Bethlehem. Let’s go there and see.”

As they approached Bethlehem, they saw a bright light coming from a manger. As they approached the light, they saw a baby in an unpretentious hay filled manger. However somehow, they knew this was holy ground and they fell on their knees. They stayed for a long while praising God for this Divine Child. “He will be a great king,” they said to one another.

As we approach the Christ Child’s birthday, let us consider how we will honor Him. It has been a year of difficulty for people around the globe. Many died who shouldn’t have died because they got a terrible new virus known as COVID-19.

We never knew how the virus would affect us. Some became very sick and others had a light case. There was no way to predict. It turned out the virus was very contagious and the people around the world were told to wear a mask over their nose and mouth. This was to protect themselves and others they came in close contact with.

After nine months two vaccines were born that were 95% effective. Their development came from hard working angels called scientists so we can trust these vaccines. They were the Christ Child’s gift to us this Christmas season.

We can honor the Christ Child by wearing and giving a mask. Just think. The number people living will increase. How else could you cause that to happen? A mask is the perfect gift this Christmas.