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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Novak
Letter To The Editor

From Mark Emberson


To the Editor:

In my capacity as Village President of Blanchardville, I am endorsing Todd Novak to be our representative to the State Assembly. Endorsing a candidate for elected office is something I have never done, but Todd has proven to me that he is an excellent candidate for this office.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Todd while he was out going door-to-door talking with voters. We discussed a variety of issues ranging from rural broadband and infrastructure to how we best handle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Todd impressed me with his strong knowledge of local government and his record of breaking with his party on votes that did not represent the best interests of Southwest Wisconsin. He wears his passion and love for his community on his sleeve and there is no question that he is running for this office for all the right reasons.

His opponent, who happens to reside just outside the Village of Blanchardville, is running on many of the same issues. She wants to improve water quality, invest in our rural infrastructure, and work towards a successful economic restart following the pandemic. Their difference? For Kriss Marion, being elected to the state assembly is just another line on her resume and a means to get her name in the headlines. Following her failed state Senate run in 2018, she quickly set her sights on taking down Todd Novak. For her, it does not matter the office, it only matters that she gets a seat in Madison.

At my door, Todd explained to me how he grew up on a farm in Cobb and developed an interest in local government as a reporter at the local paper. This is the kind of motivation I want in a representative. He is doing it for the right reasons.

The views expressed in this letter are mine and do not reflect those of the Village of Blanchardville or its trustees.