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Letter to the Editor: Vote Marion for Action
Letter To The Editor

From Ginny Bean


Kriss Marion, who is a candidate for the 51st Assembly District, has my respect. I met Kriss about 15 years ago as field trip moms; both of our youngest children were in the same grade at Pecatonica Elementary.

Her energy, positivity, intelligence and creativity have been on full display, and I am thankful she is willing to brave this toxic political atmosphere to work for us. We need new ideas, old ideas looked at in a new way, and from every perspective on the political scale. She can and will be bi-partisan, only interested in solutions and the people she represents.

She, and I, chose to live in Wisconsin, in the rural southwest.  We could have gone to other places, but we love it here.  That does not make her less qualified to represent us.  That is an attack from people who have nothing real to say.

Novak is not bi-partisan. He has voted with obstructionist Republicans over 90% of the time, and only is allowed to work contrary to the party when his vote does not matter to his bosses. Our state is a national laughing-stock due to our gerrymandering, gridlocked legislature, Scott Walker’s reputation, and disgraceful response to the primary election day. Any one of those argues for a change.  Kriss is an excellent start.