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Letter to the Editor: Vote against Trump in November
Letter To The Editor

From Kevin M. Kuehl


To the editor,

To the good citizens of Green County who may still think of voting for President Trump or any Republican running for office: If you don’t want to get your news from PBS, CNN, NBC and such, and you think you can’t trust the Democrats, please consider the opinions of the many Republicans and Independents who see Trump and his enablers for what they truly are. You know them, the dozens of generals, high-powered businessmen, and longtime public servants who served under Trump in the last few years, but discovered up close just how self-serving and unfit for the job he really is. They have quit or been fired and have now written scathing books or otherwise have spoken out, trying to warn us. Then there are the old-fashioned Republicans, longtime conservative pundits, politicians, or those who worked for Reagan and the Bushes or John McCain, the ones who have not sold their souls to stay in the good favor of Trump; like George Will, Bill Kristol, David Brooks, Milwaukee’s Charlie Sykes, former RNC chairman Michael Steele, and Steve Schmidt and Mike Bloomberg. Sec. Colin Powell has also now spoken out strongly against Trump at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, as have other noted Republicans. And there are the hard-hitting ads from The Lincoln Project that you may be seeing. They are Republicans, trying to stop Trump.

These thoughtful and patriotic conservatives all agree that Trump and the cult of personality surrounding him, and the elected Republicans who are his enablers, must be defeated. If you can’t bring yourself to heed my words, or the Democrats, listen to the people you used to listen to and believe, the ones who haven’t sold out to a hateful, divisive, and unfit demagogue.