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Fischer: Trump to thank for insulin cap
Letter To The Editor

From Steve Fischer 


To the Editor: 

Well, here we go again, another lie involving Donald Trump.  No doubt by now you’ve either seen or heard the commercials from Pres. Biden and Sen. Baldwin on the capping of the price of insulin for seniors. They are very proud of this accomplishment as one should be. The problem or should I say the lie is, it wasn’t them. Who negotiated these caps for our seniors? Surprise, it was Pres. Donald Trump. Now you don’t have to take my word for it, just go to Youtube and search “Trump rose garden announcement on insulin”. This will take you to a 2020 press conference announcing the newly negotiated caps for medicare part D. This event was not just Pres. Trump, but the CEO of Humana and the CEO of the National Diabetes Association. This is the truth, something Pres. Biden has had a problem with his entire career. And now, apparently, this is the case for Sen. Baldwin too. I guess they figure that if they tell the lie enough authority, they can fool us. It only takes a few minutes to check their claims these days. So seniors, please realize that they are not afraid to lie about this and take credit for the things other people have done. Donald Trump is not the enemy of this country, but those who lie to gain or keep power are.