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Letter to the Editor: Trump is breaking norms
Letter To The Editor

From Diana Vance


To the editor:

You will never guess what I heard on television a few days ago. It was President Donald Trump at a rally saying into the microphone in a soft voice, “four more years” he paused and said “and four more years after that”. Yes it was Donald Trump planting autocratic ideas in the heads of the rally goers. Our future under a Donald Trump’s dictatorship would a time where who knows what he would do? It might be like the Romans releasing the lions on the Christians!

Don’t let 2020 end tragically for Americans. America is the people’s country, not Donald Trump’s. We must not let Donald Trump take it as his country with his whispers of “four more years” and “and four more years after that.”

I will never forget those words. I suspected like many others that being a dictator is his deepest desire. The many times he talked with Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin, he did secretly. America’s presidents do not talk to dictators in secret. What was he hiding? Democracy is our government of freedoms and laws. With Donald Trump as president, it is becoming more fragile because Donald Trump is breaking norms.

Now it looks like he is suggesting to rally goers that they should give him “four more years and four more years after that”. If rally goers don’t realize that he is putting that quoted statement into their minds, we need to let them know that he is doing it.

As president he discovered the great power he has and that created a strong desire in him for more power. Voting for him would be tragic. When we vote for Joseph Biden, we will get a president who knows how to govern in America, land of freedom. Do we want to lose that? Let Donald Trump go.