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Letter to the Editor: Too many republicans
Letter To The Editor

From Peg Rasch


To the editor:

Representative Novak, I examined your voting record and positions and for the most part you represent the voters in the district. It is the most part that distresses me and influences my vote, and hopefully that of other voters. The most part being you are a Republican. If we were living in a time when ideas and policies were more important than partisan politics this would not be a problem. I would probably vote for you. 

But we are living in a hyperpartisan period. The Republicans control the State Legislature and control they do. They hamstrung the newly elected Democratic Governor and Attorney General by enacting — in the dead of the night and dawn of day — legislation that limited their authority. I noted that you were a lone voice in your party voting against this shameless power grab. 

The Republican controlled Joint Committee on Finance removed Medicaid expansion from Governor Ever’s 2019-2021 Budget. This was a stupid partisan action. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Wisconsin will lose $1.6 billion in new federal funding that would provide health care coverage for 82,00 residents. 

Such partisan actions leave the electors frustrated and angry; producing apathy or displays of protest. 

Kriss Marion will represent us as well as you do. You both are members of the Wisconsin Farmers Union, you both care about clean air and water, the economy of the area, and broadband expansion. However, she will bring diversity to policies affecting rural southwest Wisconsin, and the agricultural economy as well as to the State Legislature. Kriss is not a Republican.