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Letter to the Editor: Taking on Trump
Letter To The Editor

From LaVern F. Isely


To the editor:

The Democrats are having a presidential primary to decide who will be nominated to run against Republican President Donald Trump in 2020. There are a number of Democratic candidates running for a lot of different reasons. Some are running for an outright impeachment like Tom Steyer. Some are running for the issue that global warming is our number one problem, like former candidate Governor Jay Inslee of the state of Washington.

President Trump thinks that global warming isn’t taking place even though the ice caps on the North and South Poles are melting. He refuses to take it seriously when he attends the G-7 meeting and refused to attend a climate meeting that they had. President Trump also wants to get Russia back into the G-7 with his lack of knowledge concerning global warming, which is serious.

Even though Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea and sanctions were put on Russia, President Trump would like to see them lifted. It seems like Russia invaded Crimea for the oil rights, which is probably the biggest number one problem in the world which is causing global warming.

The latest problem we have is that someone sent drones into Saudi Arabia and bombed some of their oil facilities. Congress is going to have to find out who is doing this. Probably the only way they will find out is by using the CIA, but our Republican president is trying to ridicule the CIA as well as the FBI and expect us to believe that he’s the only one that knows how to handle the problem. He is always pointing to his head and telling us how smart he is and that we should reelect him in 2020 because the economy is so great, even though the federal debt is growing faster now than under President Obama, as well as the fact that the stock market has made some wild swings lately, which is strange because he’s been in office for two and a half years now.

I think Senator Elizabeth Warren would be the best candidate to debate President Trump because she sits on the Senate Banking Committee and she passed the Consumer Financial Protection Bill which will help all consumers when making a purchase.

The economy will always be the real issue.