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Letter to the Editor: Phillipson for Circuit Judge
Letter To The Editor

From Jeff Kittelsen,


To the Editor: 

I am writing this in support of Faun Phillipson for Circuit Judge.

I have known Faun for most of her life. I practiced law in Monroe with my father, Rod Kittelsen, who is Faun’s great-uncle, for several years in the 1970s. I still spend summers on a family farm near Albany, so my connections remain close. Many may recall Rod served the law and community, admirably I believe, for nearly 60 years until his passing in 2007. That was coincidentally the same year Faun opened her office in New Glarus. Because of my life-long relation to Faun, I believe I am in a fair position to comment on her character and fitness for this job.

When Faun called to tell me of her intention to run for Circuit Judge, I immediately recognized her unique and various qualifications and experience make her a good fit. She has the necessary maturity with 20 years of legal practice. Over this time, she has acquired a breadth of knowledge, skill, confidence, toughness and sound judgment in successful negotiation and litigation of numerous cases in state and federal courtrooms. Perhaps just as important, I have personally observed in her a sense of fairness, compassion and humor, all essential for an impartial dispenser of justice. The thing I value most about her is a sense of integrity. I don’t think she would hesitate one iota to rule against me if justice required! Incorruptible character in our elected judiciary is an essential quality.

I know Faun also has a long history of public service to her community. For me, one stands out. She is coach of the Mock Trial Program for students at New Glarus High School. My dad was a founder of this statewide program to familiarize young people with our legal system. I know that Rod would likewise be so proud to know that Faun has carried on that tradition of service.

I have no doubt that Green County will be well served to have your vote to elect Faun as Circuit Judge.