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Letter to the Editor: The other side of the fence
Letter To The Editor

From Greg Anderson


To the editor:

The wide brush that all Republicans are rich should be used very carefully. That same brush seems to streak over the lines drawn by Democrats. Vice-president Al Gore (who claimed to have invented the internet), told all of us to partake of solar energy in saving the environment. This, at a time, when his mansion’s electric bill was more than $3,000 per month, and he was invested in a solar-panel manufacturer.

Republican “ostensibly held beliefs” have never been in-synche with the Democratic main-stream, and that makes the East-coast ‘elite’ nervous when their desires are challenged. The “stacking” of court judges is nothing new, and the party in control achieved that right at the voting-booth. That coincides with the sour-grapes over the failed impeachment attempt of President Trump.

Recalling President Nixon’s actions opens a very wide door. Bill Clinton, who repeatedly asked for the definition of the word “is” during a trial based on his admitted infidelity in the Oval Office, can’t be a great example to be followed. It’s amazing how Democrats not in power find so much fault with those who filled the positions they wanted. It’s sad this is a major part of what representing our nation has turned into, and needlessly stops real progress in our system.

Having acquired Medicare, I can see nothing affordable about President Obama’s “Affordable Medical Care.” Given a chance as president, Mr. Bloomberg claims that he will provide health care for everyone. This was the same candidate who claimed he understood the problems of what it took to be a farmer. He dropped an imaginary seed on the ground and pushed it in with his foot. “There,” he proclaimed, “I’m a farmer!”

Nothing ever seems to be heard on or in the liberal-controlled media, unless they can spin it as a chance that conservatives did something wrong. Our latest ‘gift’ from China, the coronavirus, is a prime example. Instead of headlines stating the fact that no one had actually died from this virus until a short time ago, we are inundated with “No Cure!” headlines, along with stories and blurbs that try to hold Republicans at fault for inaction. Sadly, the next topic that gets the most coverage is what the fears of this contagion has done to Wall Street. Not making at least a 15% return on invested money is a sad commentary on what has become important in our nation.