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Letter to the Editor: Novak puts people before politics

From Mike Doyle

Green County Clerk

To the editor:

In today’s times, it’s hard to find politicians that truly see their community and the needs of their friends and neighbors. In Madison, there is a lot of rhetoric on both sides of the aisle, with politicians putting their party before the people they serve. In order for problems to be solved, communities to prosper, and our most vulnerable to be helped, politics must be set aside, and putting people before politics is the only way to get things done. The 51st Assembly District is fortunate to be represented by someone who has small town values with big ideas—someone whose roots are strong and won’t let Madison change who he is or what he stands for. And that’s Todd Novak.

I have the honor to serve as the Green County Clerk and am neither Republican nor Democrat. I run as an Independent. In my experience, when the time comes to help people and fix problems, you have to take ideas from all sides.

I have had the privilege of working with State Representative Todd Novak. Over the years, Todd and I have developed a strong working relationship, and I know that when Green County is in need, Todd is only a phone call away ready with an open mind to find ways to help our community.

As a rural area, we are always faced with agriculture and natural resource issues. In the last session, Todd was instrumental in securing an agriculture agent for Green County. This position is a vital resource for all issues related to agriculture, horticulture and natural resources. Without Todd’s leadership and collaboration, this position would not have been filled.

The 51st Assembly District and Green County are better off because of Todd. We are lucky to have an independent voice in Madison, a voice that remembers not only what our rural communities need, but also what they deserve. Today’s political climate is toxic on both sides of the political spectrum and the world needs more elected officials like Todd Novak.

Please join me in voting to re-elect state representative Todd Novak on Nov. 6.