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Letter to the Editor: Make sure you are registered to vote
Letter To The Editor

From La Vern Isely


To the editor:

Make sure you are registered to vote

I’ve read a number of books about our first-term Republican President, Donald Trump. Everything about why he went bankrupt six times before he became president to his numbers of affairs with various women who are suing him to one that even wrote a book about him, Stormy Daniels.

Most of these publications Donald Trump tried to stop but was unsuccessful, as well as what is taking place lately concerning John Bolton, who was his former National Security Adviser who said some very unfavorable things why Donald Trump should not be president. The title of John Bolton’s book is “The Room Where It Happened.” No sooner was the publication announced and Donald Trump tried to stop that but was unsuccessful.

On top of all this news, Donald Trump learned that his niece, Mary Trump, wrote a book about him titled, “Too Much and Never Enough” which Donald Trump is also trying to stop the publication.

You can easily see why the main goals of the Democratic Party is to make sure Donald Trump doesn’t become a two-term president. It looks like Donald Trump may not be re-elected because Democrat Joe Biden’s poll numbers are 10 points higher than Republican Donald Trump in a lot of states.

Evidently, the way the Democrats are running their National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, under the leadership of DNC, Democratic National Committee, Chairman Tom Perez, is more successful in getting out the various points that they are favoring the working middle class and protecting their healthcare.

Hopefully, all people voting with this COVID-19 virus around will get out and vote early by absentee ballot which we did. You have to request an application from your clerk and submit a copy of your photo ID with your application.

My goal now is to get a Joe Biden sign for my yard and I’ve contacted the Democratic Party of Green County to obtain one. 

So, if you are not too happy with the way things are, don’t expect someone else to go out and solve your problems. You are going to have to work with the party that represents them best.