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Letter to the Editor: Leader has divided country
Letter To The Editor

From Harold and Elaine Ruchti


To the editor:

In response to Gene Rufer’s letter to the editor: We didn’t always agree with our presidents, but this one is the worst in our 90 years! 

We are old and I was a farm gal with three older brothers. We lived through the Great Depression, we had all the animals including horses. Large garden, rationing, mother took our eggs to town to buy basic needs, groceries. And we all had to work hard and walk to school. As time went by, my brothers knew they would be drafted, oldest brother enlisted in Navy, next two in the Army, well one ended in the reserves and he was called back to go to Korea. Well, he was killed there. He was engaged to a wonderful woman, and no one knows what happens to a family after that! And this president says they are losers and suckers. Let me tell you this man should not be our commander and chief! Also, you commend we should not listen to CNN, but they tell the truth! Who did this leader go to for problems he had to solve, well he went to Fox News, where did that get him, they gave him wrong advice about the virus and what happened with that. The man that knows everything, now almost 200,000 died! Where is our economy today? We have businesses closing and will never open again. The Republicans in our state would not listen to our governors and mandate masks, look where that got our state and every other state that follow suppose to be commander and chief. Who is only for himself not all American people!

P.S. my husband of 71 years enlisted in the Navy and he is not a sucker or a loser! Did you read the letter recently in the mail bag written by a lawyer, he told the truth! So we all know what we have to do in November, vote this leader out!! Vote blue Biden Harris to get our country back that has been badly divided by our so-called worst president in our 90 years! Vote for Kriss Marion. 

Safe safe and healthy blessings.