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Letter to the Editor: Governor should take responsibility
Newspaper 2

From Phil Fransen


To the editor:

Why can’t our Gov. Walker run on his record instead of running ads that are lies against a good, decent, and darn nice guy like Tony Evers? Gov. run on your record that is roads that suck, rural internet that sucks, and your dairy farm program that favors out of state mega farms with their Wall Street investors that overproduce milk which leads to low prices, family farmers going out of business, and I am sure you don’t take responsibility for farmer suicides in south west Wisconsin.

Take credit for giving the worst private-religious schools more state aid than the best public schools in our state. The Republican legislators should take credit for blocking hard working taxpayers from knowing almost $300,000,000 of their tax dollars is being given to unaccountable private religious schools. This information should be on our property tax bills! Why didn’t you have church leaders investigated in the state of Wisconsin like the state of Pennsylvania did? They found over 300 sexual abusive priests and over 1000 abused kids. Right now I just heard about a child sex abuse by a priest in Milwaukee on my radio. We don’t have problems in Wisconsin? Is our Attorney General spending too much of his time at taxpayer expense protecting you?