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Letter to the Editor: Government competence lacking
Letter To The Editor

From Judith L. Blank

New Glarus

To the editor:

Public trust in government has declined over the past 50 years. More so during this administration, which is pushing people into tribal camps — doling out water and supplies to Puerto Rico as if they were not part of the United States; allocating essential medical supplies based on the political affiliation of the Governor rather than on need; and refusing to follow science and basic common sense.

This COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to look critically at government competence and it is seriously lacking. Just last week, eight months into the pandemic, the President promised a ‘great wonderful plan’ for addressing the crisis. Has anyone seen it?

The Trump administration is corrupt! The firing of all inspector generals providing oversight does not lead to trust. The man who promised to drain the swamp has instead filled positions with political sycophants, who are unqualified for the positions they fill.

Congress, under Mitch McConnell’s leadership, is on vacation while thousands of Americans are going hungry and losing their homes. Unemployment is sky rocketing due to the administration’s inability to provide testing and tracking of cases. Schools are left to fend for themselves. Green County has been very fortunate to have only one covid death, thanks to the quick actions of our Governor and local health department. Actions that he was sued for by Republican legislators.

If you’re not excited by the Biden-Harris ticket, too bad. They are honest and honorable, and will surround themselves with competent, qualified people who will make decisions based on the best interests of the country rather than whether it will enrich their personal bank accounts.

Be responsible, apply for an absentee ballot now at and be sure to exercise your right to vote Nov. 3.