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Letter to the Editor: Everybody must get involved
Letter To The Editor

From La Vern Isely


To the editor:

Everybody must get involved.

The Democratic Party ran a very enthusiastic presidential primary this spring, consisting of over 20 candidates, who all thought they would be the best president of the United States. Their various ideas were widely debated on TV during the primary season. Since only one candidate can win, all the candidates running said they would support whoever was chosen because unity is always the name of the game.

That’s why this fall in the election, running against Republican candidate Donald Trump, hopefully, there will be a number of debates between the two candidates because the position of Commander in Chief is so important. The Democratic candidate, who has almost succeeded in capturing the nomination for president looks like former Vice President Joe Biden.

I believe he did this mainly in the fact that President Obama’s Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act was widely accepted and covered pre-existing conditions, which is something that Donald Trump doesn’t cover and I hope the two candidates discuss the differences in the presidential debates because everyone deserves healthcare. Of course, the biggest issue right now is COVID-19, which is something nobody can wish away.

I believe Joe Biden would be a better president because he believes in science and the fact that you should respect people in the medical profession rather than Donald Trump does when he constantly says one thing one day and tweets something different the next day even though a lot of his Republican friends think he should be more consistent.

There’s a lot of money involved in running for president for a lot of different reasons.

The voter is going to have to reason out, by common sense, what will benefit the working middle class.

Hopefully, some pharmaceutical company or scientist can come up with a viable vaccine as over 100 companies are in the experimental stage and testing is being done on some animals as well as people. This is no different than when scientists were searching for answers to killer diseases like polio and lesser diseases like measles, mumps and small pox.

Hopefully, our election laws are clearly defined so everyone has a chance to vote on or before election day and making sure you are registered to vote would help solve these problems. Everybody must get involved.