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Letter to the Editor: County needs new government
Letter To The Editor

From Jim and Marci Hess


To the editor:

Taxpayers of Lafayette County witnessed some bad government in 2019.

Thanks to Kriss Marion, the most costly of these unnecessary shenanigans was thwarted. Her leadership saved taxpayers from costly litigation and being denied access to public information. Kriss and a handful of other supervisors want a transparent, responsible, respectful governing body and work tirelessly for it.

Citizens experienced an attempt to ram through an unconstitutional resolution, several attempts to muffle citizens’ voices, and a lack of decorum at county meetings. Citizens have been called names and bullied and we’ve watched favoritism and ideological politics play out.

Over the years, without strong voices and confident leaders on the county board, we have seen the dynamics shift away from listening to citizens and creating solid plans, such as an economic development plan, to either ignoring the need or winging it.

Lafayette County needs the leadership Kriss provides. We need decision makers who listen to us — leaders who will create a future that inspires our youth to stay, that includes sufficient, updated housing, that provides economic opportunities for everyone and all ages, and that ensures we have clean, safe water.

Candidates we know and support are Kriss Marion, Nancy (Eustice) Fisker, Bob Laeser, Charlotte Doherty, Katie Ellefson, Bob Boyle, Rita Buchholz and Ursula Fecht. These folks will plan for Lafayette County’s future ensuring good government for everyone and they will do it with transparency and respect.

Talk with the candidate in your district!