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Letter to the Editor: CNN unfair to Trump
Letter To The Editor

From Ms. Lois Gordee


To the editor: 

After reading Ruchti letter I have to write. I’m an old lady too that lived through most of the things you mentioned, but I totally disagree with you. I had three nephews in service. One was killed in Vietnam at age 20 leaving his high school sweetheart a widow at 19. We don’t forget those things but it is a part of life and I think we have lived in a good time. But it’s getting worse. Not because of Trump. I voted for him four years ago as the best of two evils but when he got Pence, a noted Christian, as his running mate, and his wife prayed before introducing him at the inauguration, I changed my mind. It was so good to hear God back in our government. I don’t always agree with him but I do think he’s the best president since Reagan. He puts America first in everything. There is no way he would have made that disgusting remark about soldiers. He has too much respect for them and has worked hard for veterans. Even when 13 people who were with him that day said it wasn’t true CNN refused to back down. “Someone” said it. Who? CNN isn’t worried about truth. Most of the news media is liberal and there is lots of “fake news” out there but CNN has a reputation as the worst. No president has ever been harassed as he has, just because he beat Clinton, who should have been sitting in jail long ago. The Democratic party has been taken over by Socialists. If Biden gets elected, our freedoms are over. He has made promises to too many far-left groups. He would outlaw guns, get rid of the police, open our borders to all, get rid of the insurance companies we like, allow abortions at nine months (paid by tax payers), etc.