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Letter to the Editor: Candidate gets things done
Letter To The Editor

From Mark Spreitzer, 

Wisconsin Assembly district 45


To the Editor:

I’m Mark Spreitzer, and I represent eastern Green County in the Wisconsin State Assembly. I’m writing to urge those of you in the neighboring 51st District to vote for Kriss Marion for State Assembly. I’ve known Kriss for the past six years as an advocate for family farmers, small business owners, and clean water. She’s worked tirelessly to help our farmers succeed in a tough economy, to help small business owners like home bakers overcome legal barriers to selling their products, and to study water quality in Green County and our neighboring counties, so we can improve it.

I’ve also known Kriss’s opponent, incumbent Republican Todd Novak, for the past 6 years. We were elected at the same time. We became friends. So I was incredibly disappointed when he started voting party line with his Republican leadership 100% of the time these past two years. And I was even more disappointed when, as chair of a task force on water quality, he didn’t get a single bill passed into law. Not one bill to keep our drinking water clean. Not one bill to keep the lakes and rivers we swim and fish in clean. Not one.

Kriss Marion, on the other hand, has a record of getting things done. As a county board supervisor, she pushed through the water quality study when others wanted to delay. As a home baker herself, she went to court and won the right for home bakers across Wisconsin to sell their products. Kriss isn’t a politician. She’s someone who wants to get things done to help her friends and neighbors. I need more colleagues like Kriss Marion. And while I still consider Todd Novak a friend, he’s stopped getting results and become a rubber stamp for Republican Speaker Robin Vos. It’s time for him to go, and time to give Kriss Marion a chance.