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Letter to the Editor: Blessed with incredible help when in need
Letter To The Editor

From Patricia Gregory


To the editor:

On June 24 while I was walking on the path at Twining Park, I fainted. One of my friends called 911. Immediately an off duty EMT who was in the park rushed over to help me, kindly introducing herself and asking my permission for her to look me over. Three of our Monroe police officers arrived right away. When I was asked to try sitting up, one of the officers knelt behind me and encouraged me to lean against him, saying that “It will make it easier and more comfortable for you to sit up.” 

During this frightening episode, it was truly comforting and calming to have all this kindness and goodness showered on me. I will never forget it. The amazing ambulance crew was very professional, competent, reassuring while taking great care of me, smoothly and pleasantly doing what needed to be done for me. I am sorry that I did not get to know any names. The clinic ER staff welcomed me and gave me great care, swiftly, efficiently and graciously looking after me. I was hospitalized overnight for observation. All those who were involved in my care including lab work, scans, x rays, EKG, dietary, housekeeping and first-class nursing care, were extremely professional and kind. 

I honestly believe I could not have received better care anywhere! I am tremendously grateful to everyone who cared for me. May God bless each of you. In Monroe and Green County we are very lucky and truly blessed to have all these incredible people always ready to help us when we are in need.