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Letter to the Editor: Battle for religious freedom
Letter To The Editor

From La Vern Isely


To the editor: 

The United States consists of many churches and religions. My country, the United States, doesn’t care which one you belong to or if you don’t belong to any and you’re an atheist like Ron Reagan and he says so proudly on TV. You have a right to choose what you believe in. While our country has Islamic churches as well as all the others, they are certainly not condemned for belonging to them in the United States. 

The problem is though when you go to other countries, such as Arab countries, whose religious beliefs are very narrow. While some countries accept Christians, others will not. Nobody can testify any more clearly than Jamal Khashoggi, who got murdered in the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Turkey, for trying to get a marriage license because he thought it would be safer to get it in Turkey rather than his home country of Saudi Arabia.

These problems exist in a lot of Muslim countries, like in the case of Malala Yousafzai, who wrote a wonderful book “I Am Malala,” which makes great reading and explains what the problems are there. Her biggest problem is that girls aren’t allowed to go to school and the battle she had to get an education, particularly since her father was a school teacher. She got her education but for talking about it, she got shot in the head by the Taliban in Pakistan and almost died. She had to leave the country to find proper treatment to save her life which she did in England and eventually her whole family had to go to feel safe.

Now, you have the situation of the ISIS fighters and the Kurds, who were fighting along with the U.S. and they were guarding ISIS prisoners in northern Syria, and Turkey, in the last week or so just invaded Syria to defeat the Kurds, who are still our allies and claim northern Syria for Turkey. All of this comes about because Republican President Donald Trump said it’s time to give up on the Kurds and he doesn’t care who wins — the ISIS fighters, who have been causing terror all over the world or the Kurds, who are trying to make sense out of the Muslim religion and create a homeland.

These are some of the reasons why Republican President Donald Trump could be impeached soon.