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Letter to the Editor: Answer a call to action
Newspaper 2

From Diana Vance


To the editor:

The soul of America is at stake in the November election. The Republicans in the Senate have chosen to say or do nothing. I bet they still collect their pay checks. However the writer of the anonymous piece in the New York Times has given us a call to action. 

It is extremely important in the upcoming election to vote for Democrats whether you are Republican or Democrat. Your vote is critical to give Democrats the majority in the House of Representatives and also in the Senate. If Democrats win the House they can impeach Donald Trump and get rid of this demagogue who lies to attain power and to a point where he cannot be interviewed by Mueller because he probably will perjure himself.

Trump knows the Russians hacked the 2016 election. But he didn’t admit it at first because he wants it to happen again. Our republic and our democracy are very much in danger. Our government would no longer be the government of the people but the government of Donald Trump and his desire for two things -- money and power. He also admires autocrats and has said he wants to be like Putin. DANGER! Red lights are flashing. 

This country is rich enough to have health care and meet the needs of the people. However, by passing a law the Republicans gave the wealthy a 20 per cent tax CUT. Did they need it? You judge. Twenty individuals now own as much wealth as half of all Americans. That is about 163.8 million people. That information came from “The Nation.” That is another reason why we need Democrats in power. 

Be part of the Blue Wave that is crashing down on Republicans and putting Democrats in office. This is a call to action to young and old. The vote you cast in the November election will be your vote of a life time. The power of your vote will affect politics and change it. We can have good government once again.

As President Abraham Lincoln said we could have government of the people, by the people and for the people. That is the wonder and goodness of democracy. Is there any reason not to want that? It is time to vote Democrat and answer a call to action.