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Letter to the Editor: Americans need to stand up for their rights, the right to life
Letter To The Editor

From Isaiah Carlson


To the Editor:

America’s history of slavery has recently come under close scrutiny because of the current unrest centered on racism and discrimination. We are outraged that Americans could keep their own people enslaved. We are shocked to hear the many excuses that slave owners used to justify their tyranny. Slave owners justified slavery by saying that African-Americans were not human, or if they were, that they did not have equal rights. Society viewed them as simply property, and kept them for economic good and personal comfort. Many people claimed that slaves might face a future of poverty, hardship, and rejection if freed, and therefore should be kept enslaved. Thankfully, bold Americans who had conscience and who had heart stood up for what was right, and pulled down this horrific institution of slavery.

Unfortunately, the ideology of slavery did not fall with the institution. We are too civilized and modernized to actually enslave our own people these days. So instead, we kill them. Or rather — using the more popular term — we abort them. Many say that the unborn are not human, or if they are, that they do not have equal rights. Society views them as simply property of the mother, and throws them away if they cause detriment to the mother’s economic good or personal comfort. Many people claim that some children might face a future of poverty, hardship, and rejection if born, and therefore should be “aborted.” Today, our country needs Americans who have something of a conscience, something of a heart, who will stand up for what is right, and pull down this horrific institution of abortion! Until we recognize that every individual has the God-given right to life, America will never know true justice, true equality, or true peace.