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Knox: Republican tunnel vision
Letter To The Editor

From Daniel T Knox


To the Editor: 

Considering the Republicans playing the freedom card about the mask mandate: Please spare us the hollow speeches about freedom after you slavishly followed Trump’s attempt to subvert our (not your), OUR democracy. Show us your GDT score before being believed. How many ‘Guts During Trump’ did you exhibit? Show us in text or quote where and when you countered the abject immorality of Trump. It could have been a badge of honor.

The Republicans showed great courage standing over the poor and weakest. In poor districts they removed polling places, requiring voters to stand for hours in the weather during dangerous times. Then they went back to gently stroke the orange hair, fearful of being singled out by the most immoral man to ever hold the office. It could have been a badge of honor.

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be almost laughable what they say and do in their tunnel vision quest for power. But I feel better knowing that, to the majority of the voters, collectively possessing much horse sense, they sometimes don’t look like the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.