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Ingwell: Faun best choice
Letter To The Editor

Brenda Ingwell


To the Editor:

I am writing you in regards to Faun Phillipson running for judge. I have known Faun for many years, as a teenager as a matter of fact.

She has been a lawyer for 20 years and owned her own Law firm for 16 of those years. She has practiced in court rooms around the country and has a wide experience in those court rooms. She is fair, unbiased and trustworthy with a warm heart. Then returned back from New York to Wisconsin when my husband and myself trusted her and her legal advice for many years.

What Faun did for my husband and myself, helped us understand what was best for us and when we walked out of there, we were confident that we were well taken care of. She’s full of compassion and desires to help in every way she can with your situations or problems. This is why I think she would be the best candidate for judge fair, impartial, full of compassion and knows how to get the job done.